Mind the Gap Sweatshirt Tunic

I love the feeling of a sweatshirt, but the boxy shape is so unflattering on me.  Anything that hangs straight down from the “top shelf” ends up too big at my waist. This orange Gap sweatshirt caught my eye at the local thrift store because of the color. The contrasting color is purchased fabric.Gap-Sweatshirt2-FMwSince I don’t know how to draft a pattern from scratch, I used 3 different patterns to come up with the basic lines of the tunic including the princess seam on the front. Basically there is just a touch from each pattern and then I went to work fitting on my dress form.Gap-Sweatshirt-OMw

I cut the back of the original sweatshirt a few inches down from the neck leaving a back yoke. This piece is then added to the front to give the tunic a long line of orange. I also cut off all of the banding from the sleeves and hem to reuse as the band for the final silhouette.


The back seemed too large around the waist so I made some little pleats.


Since black skinny knit pants have become my go to bottom, I stenciled the front kangaroo pocket with a few numbers in black.

It’s so comfy, but just a little bit dressier than your average sweatshirt!

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