Seriously? Another Black Vest


I know I just posted a black vest refashion. While it came out well, it isn’t an everyday throw-on piece. This vest started out with an embroidered stretch denim fabric that should, in theory, work for everyday. Of course my copper silk scraps looked so good I had to make the cool button band detail. In addition the only lining fabric in my stash that looked perfect is a        dupioni silk. I did wash the silk first so I can still throw this vest in the washer.Black-Denim-Vest_2

I used Butterick pattern 5468 with the buttons being the only alteration. I think I will make this again. It could have been a size smaller and I would like a slightly softer fabric next time, for example wool would be nice. It’s a versatile pattern that has a sophisticated silhouette.Black-Denim-Vest_1

Believe it or not I have another vest soon to show in the near future. This is the year of the vest for me!

Araucania Panguipulli

Design-Nine-SweaterThis week features a little cardigan I knit with yarn purchased in Bandon Oregon this last summer. It was an easy knit, and I think I will enjoy having something cute to just throw on as the days get a bit cooler. We are having a delightful fall with cool air in the morning and evening.

The yarn is Araucania Panguipulli (what a mouthful!) in shade 8. The pattern is Design Nine. Design-Nine-Sweater_3I followed the pattern with the exception of making the back longer than the front, similar to my Snowpiercer Sweater. My spell checker is going crazy on this post with all of these unusual names.

The process of knitting always leads to a few surprises in knitting. I have become fairly adept at deciding what size to knit, but fit and drape are often different than expected. Design-Nine-Sweater_2The other surprise comes with the yarn itself. I always swatch for a sweater by making a small sample. This tells me how the knit will feel in the project, but it’s not enough knitting to tell how the colors will pool when using a multicolor yarn. If one is to use this type of yarn you need to embrace the color changes!Design-Nine-Sweater_4

Vest Refashion and my BSF

Ever buy something that doesn’t fit, but you keep it anyway? Well that is this vest. I like that it was long, but it’s too long. I love the belted waist, but it unfortunately doesn’t fit my waist! The neck is so small that it doesn’t comfortably fit anyone. At least I liked the fabric and the pockets. So there it hung, alone in my closet, waiting for some 6 foot tall, thin woman with an impossibly skinny neck.Black-Vest-Before

This is what I did:

First I cut off about 10” of length. Then I ripped out the side seams and finished them leaving an open seam under the arm. Shaping the neck into a V solved the neck fitting problem. Then I took the extra hem fabric and made a side panel to highlight the waistband that buckles in the front. At that point it looked pretty good, but I decided that the completely open side made it difficult to find something to wear underneath. My BSF Debra agreed with me.Black-Vest-refashion_3

Time to go shopping in my stash store! Debra and I found this cool laser cut neoprene fabric and that solved the side panel issue and provided a nice contemporary lace edge for the neck. It’s so nice to have a second sewing friend to bounce ideas around. Thanks Debra.



Speaking of my BSF, here she is finally appearing on my blog! Debra is modeling her fabulous hand painted shirt. It’s the Lynn Mizono Vogue pattern 1274 that we started together on one of our sewing days. Don’t you love the hand painted black trim? Snap tape hidden under the decorated edge secures the top. Those shoes, copper bracelet and cool glasses…you got it going on girl!Debra-Lynn-Mizono-shirt-web


Studio-from-houseFor my one-year blog anniversary I completely rearranged my studio space. It’s always interesting when a remodel works so well that the room seems more spacious even though I added one piece of furniture. I am lucky to have such a great room to start with. The previous owners built this room as a sun room, so the light is fantastic. The room arrangement is a mixture of inspiration for design and practicality for working.

The room can get too bright in the summer afternoons, however the blinds work well. My cat loves sun bathing in her new cat tree, the one new piece in the room.Mount-IchiThe only other issue is an almost complete lack of wall space. Storage and workspace in the middle solves that problem. I put a coat hook on the back of the glass doors so I have a place to hang and show off my work. The two work areas, sewing/making and computer, are now at the back two corners with shared storage along the back wall.


The cutting and ironing table has enough storage for all kinds of supplies including paints, stencils, and fabric that I’m currently using. Studio-2My favorite piece is this old library file.Library-file2 I lined the old drawers and use them for all kinds of parts and pieces. Library-fileThe cubbyholes above hold a jumble of mementos including a number of squirrels. Did you know I have a thing for squirrels?Cubby-Holes

Needless to say one of my favorite parts of this room is the fireplace, two comfy chairs, and another collection of inspiration elements.Studio-Fireplace It’s a great place to do hand stitching or visit with my husband or BSF and a cup of coffee. The kitchen is right outside the room, so water access and snacks are close. Wow…the more I describe this room, the more I can’t believe it’s mine!Studio-Sunset

Snowpiercer Sweater

Gold-Maroon-Sweater_1 I like to name my knitting projects after either the road trip or movie that most made me look down and knit at a fast nervous pace. Besides that, Snowpiercer is a pretty appropriate name for my first winter knit. I will grant that this tale is a fairly original post-apocalyptic vision. Taking place after some serious climate change, some madman populates a train with a stratified class system car by car. It’s too cold to survive outside of the train, which is inexplicably traveling around the globe at high-speed. Look it up if you like dystopian sci-fi, but be warned that some of the scenes are cruel and gross which is when I look down and knit fast.Gold-Maroon-Sweater_3

Back to the sweater… The pattern is Chelsea Morning and I purchased it on It is just a big comfy sweater for hanging around in. I love that the back hem is longer than the front. The color change adds a nice detail, and I decided to make the pocket in the contrasting color. I didn’t like the open collar at the neck with such a warm sweater so I made it longer and added a big button.Gold-Maroon-Sweater_2

The yarn I used is Stonhedge Fiber Mill-Shepherd’s Wool Worsted in Berries and Roasted Pumpkin. The yarn is super soft, comfy and very warm. Cool weather I’m ready!