Studio-from-houseFor my one-year blog anniversary I completely rearranged my studio space. It’s always interesting when a remodel works so well that the room seems more spacious even though I added one piece of furniture. I am lucky to have such a great room to start with. The previous owners built this room as a sun room, so the light is fantastic. The room arrangement is a mixture of inspiration for design and practicality for working.

The room can get too bright in the summer afternoons, however the blinds work well. My cat loves sun bathing in her new cat tree, the one new piece in the room.Mount-IchiThe only other issue is an almost complete lack of wall space. Storage and workspace in the middle solves that problem. I put a coat hook on the back of the glass doors so I have a place to hang and show off my work. The two work areas, sewing/making and computer, are now at the back two corners with shared storage along the back wall.


The cutting and ironing table has enough storage for all kinds of supplies including paints, stencils, and fabric that I’m currently using. Studio-2My favorite piece is this old library file.Library-file2 I lined the old drawers and use them for all kinds of parts and pieces. Library-fileThe cubbyholes above hold a jumble of mementos including a number of squirrels. Did you know I have a thing for squirrels?Cubby-Holes

Needless to say one of my favorite parts of this room is the fireplace, two comfy chairs, and another collection of inspiration elements.Studio-Fireplace It’s a great place to do hand stitching or visit with my husband or BSF and a cup of coffee. The kitchen is right outside the room, so water access and snacks are close. Wow…the more I describe this room, the more I can’t believe it’s mine!Studio-Sunset