Knitting with Explosions and Car Chases

With few exceptions, I only knit on a car trip or while watching television at night in our “movie theatre.”  The room is very dark so I wear a little red LED neck lamp that doesn’t disturb my husband. Television is not a great love of mine, but he can watch movies for hours, especially if there are explosions and car chases.Shibui VestFMJim is in charge of the remote control and I just attend showings to spend time with him. Once in a while he puts on a chick flick just to keep me coming back! I manage to knit 4-5 nights a week with about 3-4 hours of knitting each night. It doesn’t sound like that much, but it’s amazing how much I get done. If someone asks me how long a scarf took I’m likely to reply, ”about 5 movies.”

During December we drove to Texas twice to visit Jim’s family so I finished several projects. The first was a vest from Shibui Knits called Shift. I used two of their yarns, an alpaca and a linen, held together and it made a wonderful texture. Knitting is 10-year-old hobby of mine and the early pieces were not that wearable, but this piece is a winner! Shibui-Vest-FDThe front panels are blocked to the same length, but the piece knitted sideways has a natural stretch making the panel longer forming an asymmetrical silhouette.Shibui Vest BM

The second project is smaller, but may have taken longer. Three colors of Madelinetosh Merino Light are knitted in stripes for the Derecho Shawl.
Derecho Shawl FMI crocheted the top edge and left the bottom without the suggested border.
Derecho Shawl FD

The third project was finished before December, but I wanted to insert a photo since it is my favorite knitted wearable. Brown-Poncho-FM I didn’t use a pattern, but I’m sure there is a similar one out there at A simple rectangle, folded in half, I wear around the house all the time. I did add a garter stitch edge to keep the stockinette from curling, but I suspect the curl would have looked fine.

Happy Knitting!

2T Vest #2

I published the 2T Vest #1 knowing I had more than enough materials to make at least one more vest. Well here it is!2T2-Front-Model1I like this one even more than the first, but wear both constantly. The vest is so simple to make without a pattern, by using a couple of Goodwill knit shirts and a little left over black knit. The altered neckline in this version flatters using various fabric scraps.2T2-Neck-Stencil-detail The front hem has a diagonal cut. The piece removed added to the back continues the diagonal theme.2T2-Back-Hem-DetailI just filled in with a hem/ruffle made up from one of the purchased shirts. I didn’t have enough of the existing curly serged hem so I just made some extra to match. The stencil mimics the print and ties the three fabrics together.2T2-Pocket-DetailIt’s warm, washable and has a pocket making this vest perfect for hanging around the house or running errands. Love it!2T2-Back-Neck-Detail

Special Occasion Tee Shirt

I’m still catching up after the holidays (aren’t we all?). In November my BSF (Best Sewing Friend) Debra and I got together to dye fabric. A stretch rayon and silk velvet from Dharma Trading was our main focus for the dying session. Shown below is the effect we obtained using low immersion method of dying with fiber reactive dyes. Imagine this velvet started out white!

Holiday-Tie-Dye-FabricWe both wanted a comfy, but dressy tee to wear to holiday events. Pattern Vogue 8962 was the perfect answer for me. Debra used Vogue 8952 and her top was equally beautiful. I’m hoping to do a photo shoot of her clothes soon, since sew together so often.Holiday-Top-Front2-copyThe only change was a small ruffle added to the bottom adding a little flare and a bit more length.The tee is stretchy and comfortable, but still a little dressy. I wore it on multiple special occasions, and will still be able to wear it any time this winter.Holiday-Top-Back_2 The contrasting yoke was intentional, but yes, I did have a cutting snafu and had to piece the darker velvet!

Warm Circle Sweater to Celebrate 2014!

I’m back from the holidays to document more handmade items. I’m hopeful for a creative 2014!

I made this sweater a while back and didn’t have time to photograph it, but I’m going to count it for this year just to give me a head start on my creative quotient.Circle Sweater Back

The pattern is Fleur and is free on the Berroco site. I used some yarn in my stash that was just waiting for a pattern to show off the color variations. It’s easy to knit starting with a band on the outside and then picking up stitches to work towards the center. Add a couple of sleeves and you’re done! Circle SweaterIt’s super comfy and warm to cuddle up by the fire with my cat and hubby.