Acronyms and Information

Some of my readers are non-sewists, therefore I decided to add this page to define the abbreviations and acronyms that I use in this blog. In addition, I’ve included a list of the people or events I refer to in my posts. I’ll be adding to this list so if you want something included just let me know.

People and Events

BSF –  Best Sewing Friend, my dear friend Debra Smith. We have similar taste, compliment each others creative skills, and have a blast sewing together. As far as I know, this is a WestZen original acronym!

Diane Ericson – Independent pattern designer. Her clothes emphasize unusual shapes and the use of surface design. Her DOL retreats were the inspiration I needed to be interested in sewing again. She is too skilled to sum up here so go to her website!

DOL – Design Outside the Lines. This is a retreat taught by Diane Ericson my BSF and I have attended. Fantastic experience, and I started my blog because of the inspiration. If you want to experience true joy while sewing go to one of these retreats!

Katherine – Refers to Katherine Tilton who designs for Butterick. One of the talented Tilton sisters

MarcyMarcy Tilton a pattern designer for Vogue. The other talented Tilton sister. NOTE: My BSF and I attended the Paris Tilton tour in fall and it was fantastic!

Sewing, Knitting or Design Acronyms

FBA – Stands for Full Bust Adjustment. Basically it means enlarging or adding a dart to the bust area for fit on a larger bust.

Textile and Yarn Sources,, and are all favorites!



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