45-Minute Turtleneck

After last week’s post of the complicated moto jacket I decided to give myself some instant gratification. Turtlenecks are inexpensive to buy as long as you want black! A muted teal green or the perfect taupe is almost impossible to find. I used to have a purchased funnel neck turtleneck (in black of course) that I loved, but it faded and I tossed it into the Goodwill pile.45mintneck_2webThe Debra Zebra Top by Style ARC is a simple three-piece pattern that sews up in 45-minutes! If you add cutting the three pieces then maybe an hour from start to finish. I did have to make alterations before it became the 45-minute wonder. One must purchase a Style Arc pattern in a single size. I choose a 12 and my first try fit perfectly…too perfectly. Every lump, bump and bra strap showed! The shoulders, sleeves and armhole fit well, but the neck was even too tight. I have very little experience with pattern alterations, but it seemed to me that a pivot from the shoulder would open up the pattern to the bust area and then another pivot would keep that open line straight down. It looks like a FBA but flatter and no dart in the end. It worked! The neck was a simple addition to the seams.45mintneckpattern_web

I proceeded to make two more tops in about 2-1/2 hours, including changing thread etc.45mintneck-back

The seams are serged with very little pinning. The hems are finished with a double needle in my sewing machine. I can do a cover stitch with my serger, but not in 45 minutes! The other advantage of a double needle is the wider choice of thread colors for the hem. BTW, do you know that double needles come in a stretch needle? I didn’t until my Amazon account suggested them.45mintneck_1web

5 thoughts on “45-Minute Turtleneck

  1. 45 minutes, I’m always impressed by speedy sewing – I generally measure my sewing in weeks, not hours! Looks like a good wardrobe basic. must look out for twin knit needles on Amazon.

  2. I find there’s no point in shopping at all if one doesn’t want an all black wardrobe. Thank you for the picture of your alteration. I would never have thought of that, and so would have just made the bigger size, which would have resulted in dropped shoulders.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this pattern! I have it and haven’t made it in ages. Yours are perfect colors to fit into your warm earthy palette!

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