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Have any of you promised to make something for a fashion show and sale? If you have, you know how it can strike fear, excitement, and designer’s block! Last January, 8 local sewers were asked to donate their talents to design and sew clothes for the benefit show ArtWear in Fort Collins. We were given beautiful Kantha quilts that had been hand stitched by women who were saved from sexual slavery in India. The clothes that will be modeled at the October 20th fashion show (tickets at and sold October 20th-28th will benefit both these women and the visual arts in town.

Meeting these other sewers was absolutely delightful. The cool ideas were flying every time we met, and I have learned so much from them. I hope to take some photos at the fashion show and show you the diversity of designs that were produced. Each quilt was only about 36″ x 80″ and most items were made with only one piece. In addition the quilts are reversible so we tried to make the pieces reverse whenever possible. I had the task of making an entire outfit for the finale so I did get to play with 3 coordinating quilts  for the whole ensemble.

Thank goodness, my BSF Debra was one of the other sewists so we could bounce ideas off of each other. We bought a few quilts from ETSY to practice on first. I made a pair of palazzo pants, and Debra made this fabulous jacket. Did I mention that these quilts feel great on?IMG_0215

My first two items were fairly simple, but with these fabrics sometimes that’s best. This vest is a whole cloth with the arm openings placed asymmetrically.IMG_0113

This piece is an almost no waste kimono jacket. At the end of the post I’ll show some of the accessories we made with the few scraps left.
IMG_0111This next piece I may buy for myself! I just love the colors and the fun polka dots on the reverse. We used the finished edges of the quilts when possible, but sometimes used binding when needed. Most of the seams are flat-felled.IMG_1136



I also found this matching ribbon for the back seam.

The final piece has palazzo pants, a bustier (my first) and a wild reversible jacket.




This is the jacket reversed. You can see that the back tail has buttons and can be removed for a more casual cropped jacket. I might like this side even more than the matching one.


The jacket with the tail removed.

IMG_1187Finally here are a few of the accessories made from the scraps and they are all reversible.




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  1. What wonderful work – each piece is more amazing than the one before! You are sure to raise loads of money for your cause with these pieces of art. Would you please share the pattern name and number for the coat that is made and worn by your friend Debra? I have Kantha quilts ready to be made into special jackets but have not been able to find a pattern that would suit my needs and style until I saw this one. Please share the info and thank you!

    • Annie….so glad you asked…it’s Butterick 6244…a marvelous and easy pattern…Wendy has made it several times

      • Thank you, Debra. And, if I had known of the Artwear show earlier, I would have been extremely tempted to make the drive from Pagosa.
        Have a wonderful show!

  2. Yes , yes yes ! Love this process and fantastic exacusion of combining old with the new ! The accessories are also stunning and interesting! Truely inspiring .. now the patterns ???

  3. When I first read “clothes made from quilts” I thought “uh oh, granny land here we come”. I did not expect super cool clothing that any a-list celebrity would gladly rock. That is what you made though! Seriously these are awesome!

    It helps that the fabrics are fabulous. But your designs really make them feel fresh and modern. Great job. Love love love

  4. Glory to you….nice to be there and see the quilt ffaze and small things …..know you’re you are having fun living w the musician and picking flowers! Love to yOu and you, Mom

    On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 4:44 PM, West Zen Studio wrote:

    > West Zen Studio posted: ” Have any of you promised to make something for a > fashion show and sale? If you have, you know how it can strike fear, > excitement, and designer’s block! Last January, 8 local sewers were asked > to donate their talents to design and sew clothes for the bene” >

  5. What a great project. Kantha is such a gorgeous material – to look at, to feel and to wear. And you and your BSF have done the Kantha sewers proud. Really beautiful, interesting, exciting and wearable garments. Love the button-on/off-tail and the neckpieces. Bravas all round!

  6. Happy to see you posting! Amazing creations! I may have to borrow idea for the reversible button-on cowl neckpiece. So simple but effective.

  7. WOW, Wendy (and Debra)! These Kantha garments are amazing and I really love your neckwear pieces you made from the scraps!

  8. Wendy, I’m not sure at which creation I started to salivate; but next time I see your blog posted, I’m going to wear a bib. Absolutely amazing and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Wendy! Girlfriend, you are on fire!!! Can’t wait to play here in Ashland with you and Debra….Great Blog and pieces…you are inspiring always! XOXODiane


  10. Love the color choices and the fabric gives each piece such dimension. Beautiful to see your work Wendy and Debra.

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