Details of The Log Cabin Heart Felt Coat

By the way, today is National Cat Day. My cat Ichi is expecting some major attention.


I had a few requests for information on the┬áconstruction details of my coat.┬áThe fabric is just a single layer of wool so it’s perfect for fall in Colorado. It’s roomy so I will be able to wear a sweater underneath as it gets cooler.

Log Cabin Heart Felt Coat WF1

Below is a detail of the collar and front closure. I found a cool button at my local yarn shop, The Loopy Ewe.

Log Cabin Heart Felt Coat D1In this image you can see the decorative stitching that is holding the different colors of wool together with a butted joint. I used that wonderful presser foot with the metal blade down the middle. You can also see that not all of the wools are solid. The rusty-red has a subtle plaid.Log Cabin Heart Felt Coat D4

Log Cabin Heartfelt Coat

Log Cabin Heart Felt Coat- Front_wfLog Cabin Heart Felt Coat- Back_wf

My first blog entry!

I just finished a new fall coat using Diane Ericson’s Heartfelt Coat Pattern. I hot water machine washed the wool yardage to felt the fibers together. After that I worked with the fabric patterning in order to build yardage that would enhance with the coat pattern. The wool is butted together and held with a decorative stitch. I actually started this 5 years ago and put it in a basket because it was just too big of a project.

I wore it on Saturday night and it was a success!