Log Cabin Heartfelt Coat

Log Cabin Heart Felt Coat- Front_wfLog Cabin Heart Felt Coat- Back_wf

My first blog entry!

I just finished a new fall coat using Diane Ericson’s Heartfelt Coat Pattern. I hot water machine washed the wool yardage to felt the fibers together. After that I worked with the fabric patterning in order to build yardage that would enhance with the coat pattern. The wool is butted together and held with a decorative stitch. I actually started this 5 years ago and put it in a basket because it was just too big of a project.

I wore it on Saturday night and it was a success!

10 thoughts on “Log Cabin Heartfelt Coat

  1. Oh.my.goodness. That coat is absolutely fabulous. I saw it on Diane’s blog and wondered who the talented sewist was. What kind of yardage did you use?. It seems to have really felted well.

    • It is mostly made of plain wool coating (at least 90% wool), but there are some vintage scraps in there too. Whatever I could find to get that many colors! I’ll post a close up soon.

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