Snowpiercer Sweater

Gold-Maroon-Sweater_1 I like to name my knitting projects after either the road trip or movie that most made me look down and knit at a fast nervous pace. Besides that, Snowpiercer is a pretty appropriate name for my first winter knit. I will grant that this tale is a fairly original post-apocalyptic vision. Taking place after some serious climate change, some madman populates a train with a stratified class system car by car. It’s too cold to survive outside of the train, which is inexplicably traveling around the globe at high-speed. Look it up if you like dystopian sci-fi, but be warned that some of the scenes are cruel and gross which is when I look down and knit fast.Gold-Maroon-Sweater_3

Back to the sweater… The pattern is Chelsea Morning and I purchased it on It is just a big comfy sweater for hanging around in. I love that the back hem is longer than the front. The color change adds a nice detail, and I decided to make the pocket in the contrasting color. I didn’t like the open collar at the neck with such a warm sweater so I made it longer and added a big button.Gold-Maroon-Sweater_2

The yarn I used is Stonhedge Fiber Mill-Shepherd’s Wool Worsted in Berries and Roasted Pumpkin. The yarn is super soft, comfy and very warm. Cool weather I’m ready!

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  1. Like everrything about the sweater…….even the name of colors……sstill curious re bottons? look very special!

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