Travel Maxi-Skirt

This is part of my fall coordinated travel wardrobe I started in this blog, about fabric and pattern planning. The series then continued with this coat. Now, I’m adding this maxi-skirt to the mix. Paisly-Maxi-Skirt_1

There’s not a lot to say about a maxi like this. You don’t need a pattern, and since it has an elastic waist you don’t need to deal too much with fit. The elastic waist is perfect for travel especially to places with delicious food! The top part of the skirt measures to the hip dimension with just enough added ease for comfort. This way there is less fabric gathered at the waist to bunch up under a top worn outside. I try to not bring a belt on vacation since it just adds more stuff to the suitcase, so in this case I will be making some tops that cover the waist.


In addition, I don’t need to remember to pack a slip since there is a lining. Yes, the lining is all wrinkled up! I like to twist fabric like this as it dries like the old broomstick skirts. Starting with wrinkles works well for travel! I can’t wait to make a few travel tops, but next week I’ll be showing a wonderful new vest pattern by Diane Ericson.

7 thoughts on “Travel Maxi-Skirt

  1. You are gorgeous, your makes are generally lovely, elegant and flattering, but that is a hideous skirt.

    • Ha! Tell it girl! I will never wear it with the elastic showing, and you have prompted me to repost after I finish a complete outfit with the skirt and see what you think.

  2. Yes, but, but … if you don’t mind answering, how much extra width did you use for the bottom part of the skirt? I’ve just made a skirt along these lines, but with a much shorter yoke, and I love the idea of extending the yoke down past the hip and then attaching a gathered tube, which I did for my own skirt. Would you say 1.5 times the width of the top part? Or 2 times? I love the fabric you’ve used here.

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