Random Poncho

Random-poncho_3I finished my first accessory for fall travel to Rome and Italy! Taking my chosen color swatches I went to The Loopy Ewe and picked out four skeins of yarn. Three are Hedgehog fibers sock yarn and the gold is ShibuiKnits Pebble. I wanted to make a shawl or poncho, but I just couldn’t decide. Making a swatch of the knitted fabric didn’t help solve the question. A shawl that would have good dimensions as a poncho was the temporary answer and as you see the poncho won out in the end. Ponchos can be worn as a scarf but are also cozy and easy to keep track of during travel.


The pattern is my own and completely random! I’m kind of a math geek and love the idea of randomness. You almost have to put your brain outside of the project and just knit. I started out and knitted the rust color until I was bored with it. Then I divided the piece into 3 sections and knit with the main colors. At that point the knitting looked a little bland so I started a stripe of yellow. The four colors were getting all tangled up so I stopped the yellow as it became a square. That gave me the yellow square motifs.
Random-poncho_2The other bit of randomness are the tassels. I had a million (I tend to exaggerate) ends to weave in, and thought why do we always have to weave them in? Aren’t there other options? Yes some of them are tassels! Randomly placed of course.

A girlfriend and I are going to Anderson Ranch for art classes this week. I’m looking forward to the cool days in Snowmass Village, Colorado. I might even try to blog with my iPad if I find a few minutes. I need to start practicing for my Europe trip with the Tilton sisters.

11 thoughts on “Random Poncho

    • This is a general reply to those who asked for dimensions. I’m away from home taking an art class, but when I get home I’ll post dimensions and gauge for the poncho and another that I blogged about a while back. Thanks for all the encouraging response!

  1. Ditto to all of the above!!! Gorgeous. Beautiful. Fresh. Much gratitude for your math mind. Would you be kind enough to give us the dimensions of the poncho, please. Can you see a new career as a knitting designer looming (no pun intended) on the horizon.

  2. This poncho is gorgeous and “random” my tushie! Beautifully designed and created, and I’m so envious of your distinctive color-scheme. Well done!!

  3. Just gorgeous…wish I was a knitter….I’m trying to be!
    Have fun then hurry home….you are needed here

  4. Beautiful! I love that it incorporates all of the colors in your new fabrics, that you created the random design, and I especially love the tassels, utilizing the yarn ends – great idea! You will wear it with everything you own! I want to steal the idea, but since being a Summer, my colors are blues, purples, and eggplant, it would have a totally different look!

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