Travel Vest

Travel-Vest_2I’ve been holding off blogging about this vest because it is almost done. Yes, I made a mistake, which I’m prone to do more often than I admit on this blog! It’s not a big deal and I have an interesting fix in mind, but I had photographed it before I realized the problem. So here is the vest just the way it is, and yes I can wear it this way. If I have time to fix the mistake, I’ll re-blog the fix. In the meantime the only hint is that the collar isn’t correct.Travel-Vest_1

The khaki color reminded me of a safari vest, but I think embroidered silk is a fun replacement for canvas. The lining is the mat side of a red silk charmeuse. Both fabrics are from the fabulous Elfriede’s Fabrics in Boulder, Colorado.Travel-Vest

I used Kwik Sew #3930 as the base pattern. I like the ties at the neck, but wanted a button at the waist. To keep the gathered waist, lining the vest allowed for a casing between the fashion fabric and the lining with a bit of ribbon and a piece of elastic for comfort. The zipper pocket detail from the Moto Jacket replaced the patch pockets giving me another safe spot for valuables or just glasses and lip gloss.

2 thoughts on “Travel Vest

  1. Looks fabulous Wendy. Love the fabric choice and I don’t see the mistake either. I make mistakes all the time but it’s all part of what keeps us coming back – the search for the perfect garment.

  2. Glorious fabric. What a great choice. Glam all the way. Impossible to see the collar so it’s impossible to see a mistake! After a gazillion years of sewing I still make mistakes too and more often than not it can be fun and a creative process to fix them.

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