I finished my vest that I have been knitting while watching the show Ripper Street. The East End of New York was pretty gruesome during the 1890’s so this project went pretty fast despite the copious amounts of straight knitting.
Shibui-28-Vest-3FM Shibui Mix No 28. Is a fairly easy pattern as long as you pay attention. I didn’t at one point and had to rip out a number of rows, but that’s just a part of knitting while watching television. I used the recommended Shibui Pebble and Linen held together and the fabric is light enough for a summer vest. I love the collar and dart details! Shibui-28-Vest-DFWhen it came time to sew on the buttons, I just decided to use what I had on hand. There is something so enjoyable about digging around in a jar of buttons that only a fiber person understands.

Texas Road Trip Vest

Most of my knitting is during movies, but once in a while we take a road trip. My husband and I listen to an audio book, he drives and I just knit away. For shorter trips we find this much more enjoyable than fighting our way through the airport. This time we drove to Texas to visit family. 2 days of driving each way is a lot of knitting! Makalio-Vest-FMweb

The Makalio Vest ( just caught my eye as a fun layer for summer. I couldn’t resist the oddness of this loopy vest.Makalio-Vest-OMweb It’s a fun extra layer instead of a scarf when an outfit needs a little something extra. The designer of this pattern shows how to wear it in other ways, so some experimenting will be in order. Here is a view of the back with the optional tie. She also shows it with a belt around the back with the loops free-flowing on the front. All in all…kinda cool!Makalio-Vest-BMweb

Samurai Sweater

No, the design of this sweater has nothing to do with Samurai. Purple-Batwing2-FMwebHowever, I watch movies with my husband when I knit at night with my little red LED neck lamp. He LOVES Samurai movies, especially the old classics. His favorite is a series of 26 movies about a blind Samurai, Zatoichi. Let me tell you, when the heads are rolling, I get a lot of knitting done! What I do love about these movies are the sets and the clothing. Both men and women wear the most amazing kimono. The architecture is stunning in it’s simplicity.Purple-Batwing-BMwebThe sweater is knit from the free Berrocco pattern, Blish. Being a fairly simple top down, knit in the round sweater, it only took 3 weeks of movies to knit! I went shopping for the yarn with girlfriends who talked my into this smoky purple color in Dream in Color Cashmere Blend Worsted. I’m glad they did! I wear purple, but usually knit in my classic fall colors of oranges and browns. This will add a little color to my winter wardrobe.

Three Very Different Winter Scarves

I still have three scarf projects that have not been shown on my site. The first is a yummy combination of Shibui Knits Cima and Silk Cloud held together.Shibui-Cowl-no20-FMweb The colors are luscious and it was a very easy knit. My husband stole this one as soon as it came off the needles! It has taken me a while to get it back from him for photography. The pattern is Shibui Mix No. 20. Other than changing colors and stripe direction it’s simple knitting. I was able to knit the whole project during all of those movie explosions my husband loves to watch.

Qiviut-Scarf-FSThe second scarf is also for my husband. I mentioned to him that qiviut (remember this word Scrabble players) is even softer than cashmere, but VERY expensive. He insisted on searching out some skeins on Etsy so he could have another scarf. Qiviut, in case you are not familiar, is the soft under fur of the musk ox. Shed each season, the wool is collected off the tundra and rocks in northern climates. While I’m not sure it was worth the price (around $180 for the two skeins), the scarf of my design did come out well and he is wearing it a lot.

Deconstructed-Scarf-FSThis last scarf, knitted for a friend over a year ago just needed finishing. The pattern is Les Miserable by Cynthia Parker and knit with Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace. All I had to do was full (felt) the scarf by hand so I procrastinated until last week. As it turned out the hand felting recommended in the pattern wasn’t working for me, so I threw it in the washer. Felting in the washer is so easy, but I thought it would be too strong of a felting. The resulting scarf is cool and if I had only known, I would have finished this project last year. Procrastinating to this level has taught me a lesson…Just Finish It!