Hand-me-down Vest

I’m still working with some wool left over from my Log Cabin Coat. I wanted to make a muslin for a vest and ended up with a finished project. I’m not even sure when I will get to the actual vest planned since I have also been playing with making pullover tops and vests from knit shirts purchased at Goodwill. I’ll show those on a later post. Hand-me-down Vest Front modelStarting with jacket pattern 6656 from New Look made sense since I wanted to have darts and a closer fit and this pattern has a good basic shape. I made so many changes including adding a second dart that not much is left of the original pattern except the collar. I added the bright magenta lining for a bit of punch. Hand-me-down VestThe glove pockets were something that I remember seeing quite a few years ago on a children’s sweater. I love them! Hand-me-down Vest PocketI may add a bit more detail in the back, but for now there is at least a little pleat of the magenta lining for a little surprise.Hand-me-down Vest Back

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  1. You have having WAY to much FUN. Gorgeous… Mickey… Hi to Jim. But did you finish your mask? Here is mine. you will recognize the concept.

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