Everyday Tee #1 with a GDO (Good Design Opportunity)

Eucalyptus Tee1I want to make some winter T-shirts that are fun, but functional. They need to be washable, and easy care plus I hope to have pockets on most if not all of them. This is my first T in the series. I used Katherine Tilton’s Butterick pattern B5925. This is the first T-shirt I have ever made, but the pattern was easy to follow. I used 4 different knits and stenciled the front. I may add more stencilling later. The neck didn’t come out flat due to the lack of stretch in the knit I used for the binding.Wendy Portrait2 I call these little mishaps GDO’s (Good Design Opportunities) since they force me to rethink a problem and come up with a creative solution. I keep getting compliments on the keyhole neckline so the solution works well.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Tee #1 with a GDO (Good Design Opportunity)

  1. That’s a tee?? It is a work of art – you are so talented! And love the colors – says another autumn.

  2. You are on to something here! I love it. Can’t wait to see more. I’ve been thinking about pocket designs, too. Love not carrying a purse.

    Congrats on a great design.

  3. the keyhole makes the shirt!!!! love the running stitch……….
    just took my machine (circa 1987:: bernina) into the doctor and hope it can be up
    and running again………your inspiring me!!! and oh !!! the pocket!!! love love love

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