Citrus Summer Tunic

Citrus-Tunic-OMweb I made another tunic top from my favorite pattern Vogue 8952. This top is for summer so I used a sheer mesh knit for the sleeves and the ruffle on the bottom. I fused the mesh to a piece of solid knit to make the pocket. Citrus-Tunic-BMweb
I may add a bit of stenciling later. Both the fabrics came from a store in Dallas that we passed by while visiting my delightful mother-in-law.

I’m not sure I love the combination, but I also made this vest layer piece out of a knit that has sheer stripes on the solid black.Citrus-Tunic-w-vest-DFMweb The black is very intense so it seems a bit too opaque on top of this tunic, but I love the lines so I’m sure there will be a match with a few tops in my wardrobe.

3 thoughts on “Citrus Summer Tunic

  1. I do like the black stripe tunic so much….It will finish off so many outfits…….you are creating such a unique and colorful wardrobe………lovely

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