A Fix-it Tutorial

My blog is slowing down, but I’m not. The problem is spring-cleaning! My husband and I are running errands like crazy people.

Here is a little tutorial from a spring-cleaning project. I needed to repair the frayed cords to my phone and I-pad. I use these devices so much that they get bent and frayed. My favorite product is Sugru. I buy it through Amazon, but I’m sure it is available in other places. This stuff is magic. They should be paying me for this plug!frayed-cord2

  1. Here is the frayed bent cord. It’s bent for a reason…that’s the way it always falls when I’m using it. Make sure it still works in this position if you want to keep it bent.Sugru
  2. Buy Sugru. It comes in colors, but I ordered white for simplicity. Even the small packs fix several cords so get out a few projects to fix. The stuff sticks to just about anything so be creative. Note that it does have a “use by” date that is for real, so buy sparingly.Fixed-Cord
  3. Pinch a bit of it (it’s very pliable) form it on your cord and let it dry for 24 hours. I used mine after 8 hours and it was cured enough for use.

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