Works in Progress

Despite the flurry of spring-cleaning, creative projects are still going on, but nothing is finished. Here are a few previews of projects in the works.

The first is a sculpture project. I have been sewing so much that my fine art practice has been set aside. However, I have an opportunity in July to show a piece at the Fort Collins Museum of Art. This is a photo of the project in progress.


I’m using an old wagon wheel as the framework for a map of Fort Collins inspired by a historical document from the 1890’s.


I am also knitting as usual while watching movies with my husband. We have been watching a BBC program called Ripper, (taking place in era of Jack the Ripper) and yes, I have had to rip out quite a few rows! Shibui-Mix-#28-VestThis pattern is Shibui No. 28, and all I have left is to sew up the seams, and add a few buttons. I do that part in daylight so I need to find the time, and I will soon post the finished vest.

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