Tunic Topper #1 (because I want more of these!)

Tunic-Topper_2webI promised no more vests for a while. When my BSF called this a vest I almost felt instant regret, but this is NOT a vest! I’m calling it a tunic topper. I made view C of Marcy Tilton’s new Vogue pattern 9057. I have lots of plain tops that need a little pizzazz! While it would be fairly easy to make a sleeveless top from a TNT pattern (tried and true to my non-sewing friends), this pattern was on sale and too perfect to resist.Tunic-Topper_1web

First I took some favorite fabrics and made a collage strip. I played with my new Baby Lock cover stitch machine for some of the decorative seams. I also recently bought a used Pfaff as a second sewing machine that has the IDT built-in walking foot feature. I may review these on a later post, but they were great for making this topper. After I made the strip I placed it on the front pattern piece and sewed it on. From there I just followed directions until the end when I decided I needed a pocket.Tunic-Topper_3web This top already had plenty going on! Placing the pocket on the decorative strip didn’t interfere with the overall design and I now have a very functional top. I’m going to need several of these for winter wear around the house and beyond. I can put it on over any of my plain tops so it’s an easy, fun and artsy top that is a must for my wardrobe!

6 thoughts on “Tunic Topper #1 (because I want more of these!)

  1. What a good name for those jumper/apron/popover things I’ve been making. I absolutely adore yours! And of course, a pocket.

    Glad to have found your blog, Wendy, thanks to Myrna’s post!

  2. Adding the collage was a terrific idea. The end result is so much more than the basic pattern. When I first saw the pattern, I thought what a great creativity jumping off point each item would be. You’ve definitely jumped off on this version. Really nice!

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