Lime Tunic – Marcy Tilton Vogue 9112

This dress (in this case, tunic) by Marcy Tilton is brilliant! First of all it looks great on and second, and equally important, it feels great on.  I’ve also worn it with a Sleevy Wonder when it was a little cooler out. A T-shirt could also be used to easily add sleeves, especially if it’s made from a slippery knit. Even though this pattern takes time with all the different pattern pieces to cut and sew, I’m already thinking of making a second version. Maybe I’ll try adding a sleeve next time, or I’ll make one of Marcy’s little cardigans that have been on my sewing project list for a while. It’s so cold in air conditioning and so hot outside this time of year!


Mixing the pattern pieces of both linen and knit gives the tunic the comfort and ease that I desire in my casual clothes. Both of these matching fabrics right in my stash waiting to notice that they match! There really is nothing as joyful as a well stocked stash, and mine is looking good these days.


The tunic is 4″ shorter than the dress pattern in order to look proportionate with leggings. Since the bottom band would almost disappear with the shorter length I altered it to attach higher up on the back. I hand top stitched the pieces where the seams press toward the linen, and stopped when the seams pressed toward the knit, hoping to achieve an interesting balance of lines.


The only other minor alteration is a doubled collar which allows for the neck to sit up a little stiffer. While this linen is the same on both sides, the double collar also fixes the problem of a fabric with an unattractive wrong side.

Pockets, interesting details…what’s not to love?

15 thoughts on “Lime Tunic – Marcy Tilton Vogue 9112

  1. Mixing knit and linen works much better than I would have thought! Excellent make – especially the hand stitching which takes it to another level.

  2. Yikes! This one is spectacular! Combo knit and woven, big yes. Can’t wait to hear how it works with the sleeves.

  3. Great result. Did you alter the collar pattern at all? I see in the pattern photos there are horizontal tucks and there are none on your collar so I wondered if you had cut down the height of the collar. Also the front of the collar lies differently than in the Vogue pix. Is that because your collar is double? Inspiring!

    • Now that you mention it, I may have cut the collar width an inch! I skipped the tucks since I was looking for a cleaner line. The notches are lined up so the placement is according to pattern, so it must be all the little changes.

  4. I have this pattern on my cutting table. Love your interpretation using both knit and linen and the hand stitching adds a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE your lime tunic version and how you skillfully mixed the fabrics. Your work is beautiful and will look stunning on you! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to get sewing on mine 😉

  6. I love your top! In fact, I’m getting ready to make up the very same for myself in a pink/white stripe (will probably have to play around with the stripes).
    Your hand stitched detail is genius….

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