Tried and True

stripe-tunic_3I thought I was going to take this to Europe, but decided against it because of the weight. The two stripe knits are wool that I washed first, and while very comfy to wear it’s a little bulky to pack. I used my TNT pattern Vogue 8962 which I love to sew with striped fabric because of the back detail. Isn’t this a fun back? stripe-tunic_4I didn’t have enough fabric so I cut the pieces out with a corner missing, thinking that something could be done with the other color to fill in the missing piece. I think the split tail is kind of fun, so I ended up just leaving it and adding the square on the upper back for balance. I also didn’t have enough fabric for the cowl neck. I pieced both colors for the top, then decided that it would be more comfortable to have cotton knit instead of wool around my neck. I love having a stash in my favorite colors just for something like this!stripe-tunicI‘m in Paris at this point, but hoping to have photos to post soon!

12 thoughts on “Tried and True

  1. Beautiful! Love the creative details – you’ve proved here that lack of fabric ends in the best sewn items. I’ve noted the pattern number and will buy it next chance I get. Already thinking of the striped wool jersey in my stash.

  2. I went to the Vogue website to check out the 8952, and discovered you have changed it! Massively! Okay, I have my own favourite flared tunic pattern, and I am going to have to try to change it to, to put those side seams where you’ve put yours. That’s a really nice alternative look. I also like the other changes you’ve made. This is a beautiful top.

  3. I just love your top and I think the tail points make it even more interesting. I bought this pattern for the chevrons which result from using a stripe, but I have not made it yet. You may wish to note that the correct pattern number is v8962 and not v8952. Enjoy Paris. I was there last month.

  4. How exciting! and you are far away? when I think re all the sewing we did on non-flex yard goods like taffeta, etc have a great time and please come home!!

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