Adventures in Italy and France with my BSF: Part 1 Italy

I’m back (and over the jet-lag) from our wonderful adventures in Italy and France and it could not have been more fun. The weather was perfect, in fact almost too warm for the cold weather clothes we packed! My BSF and I simply had a wonderful time, and our week with the Tilton sisters was fantastic.Positano Steps

The first two days were all travel to our first destination in Italy. Two planes, two trains and we were exhausted. Finally, a charming young Italian gentleman met us at the door of our train in Salerno. He was holding our name up on a sign, and Debra and I almost hugged him!  We were so relieved to be done with the complex travel changes of the last two days.

On the way, our driver calls the hotel and speaks Italian and then explains the streets are too small to park right in front. You have to picture this: the two of us get to our hotel and a porter meets us at the car and takes our two big bags. We start to follow him up some steps with out purses and carry on luggage. Then up a few more steps under a covered walkway. Then more steps to turn a corner, and then there are more steps! I had a breakdown at about 60 steps. My FORMER BSF, Debra looks down from the last 10 steps and starts laughing at me from the hotel entry! We both found it funny a few minutes later, and our adventure had officially begun.

Anna and DebraMy daughter Anna met us in Positano. She lives in Sicily and is getting married to a lovely Italian man in 2016…lots to talk about! She showed us the ropes of how to order fabulous food in Italy.


The view from our hotel balcony was stunning, and Italian linen and clothes made from the linen fills the stores in Positano. We both bought a piece of clothing since it was warmer than expected. It’s always good to have an excuse to shop! In one store the seamstress didn’t speak english, but we had one word in common, she was sewing on a “Bernina”. After 4 days of relaxation we were ready to head to Rome for a few days of true tourist. I won’t bore you with lots of tourist photos of Rome, but here are a few highlights.Near-Coloseum-web

We are by the Coliseum walking around the ruins, and just being tourists for a day. I’m wearing one of my 45 minute turtlenecks and a hidden zipper scarf. It was still too warm to wear the sweaters and coats that we both made for the trip.Nun-Bride-and-Groom

Love this scene…so Rome!


We had a tour of the Vatican Museums including the Sistine Chapel. It’s an overwhelming museum and there were bits and pieces of sculpture lining the hallways. I call this photo “Big foot and the Putti”…I so wish I had a band.


The last night in Rome we had pizza and a movie in our room watching our iPad. Paris on the next post, and I promise we will be wearing the clothes we made!

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Italy and France with my BSF: Part 1 Italy

  1. Wendy
    Enjoying your blog!! So happy to have met you and Debra in Paris.

    Horrific tragedy!!! Marcy and Katherine are still there😟

    I will stay in touch with you two.

    Ruth H

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for sharing the pictures, looks like you had a fabulous time! I’m glad you made it back safely.

    I’m almost done with radiation, only a few more to go. I’m uncomfortable from the radiation rash-burn but I’ve got a couple of creams that help. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 9 months that I’ve been in treatment for this nasty stuff. Can’t wait for it to all be over so I can get on with my life!

    Miss you, Patti Sent from my iPad


  3. I’m so excited!!! We’re going to have to start calling you and Jim “Big foot and the Putti”!

    Anna looks so happy!! Did you say she was pregnant or did I just dream that? What great photos, how very dreamy.

    Lastly, why can you still not find pizza here like it is in Rome? Maybe my memories are just too picky, but it never seems quite the same.

    So glad you had a good time. j.

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