My dad Fred pretending to play a mirrored art saxophone in his home. Yes you can see where my love of pattern and color came from!

When a parent’s health begins to fail it takes physical time to help them, but even more consuming is the mental time needed to process the changes. That is the place I have been in for the last 6 months or so. My dad passed away two weeks ago, and it took more energy out of me than I cared to admit.

Fred was what people describe as “a character” which meant that most people found him absolutely charming, but at times his only child struggled with his craziness. He could be great fun,  creative, and loved me, his little girl. While he was 89, a large part of him still wanted to party and he was pretty darn angry these last 6 months that he couldn’t go out to wine and dine a pretty woman! As I ponder this loss, one thing I can truly say is I’m happy to have his spunk, spirit and creativity in me. He loved my sewing, and was very proud of my artistic side so he would say, “it’s time to get back to it”!


I’ve done a little sewing in the last few months. I made another pair of my self-drafted pants that came out well, however when stress hits knitting is a must. It just calms my nerves when the project is easy and repetitive like this tunic length sweater pattern, Truss from Shibui Knits. Their patterns are simple, but have an understated elegance and a nice fit.Shibui-Truss_2

Cascade Eco-Duo in Hazelnut made for a warm top that I wore over a turtleneck before the spring weather hit. The stripes were a BIG surprise, but luckily I found the subtle pattern very attractive. It’s a great pattern, and I may splurge on the recommended Shibui Knits yarn next time.

Shibui-Truss_3I will be sharing some spring sewing on my next blog. It’s time to welcome the warm weather!

13 thoughts on “Fred

  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your father. It is so hard to lose a parent. May the fond memories you have of him, carry you through this time of sadness and loss.

  2. Lovely tribute — Wendy, I am sad to hear that we will no longer see Fred and enjoy his love of life. Caring for parents was a most reflective time and a draining one so I understand and will be thinking of you. Creating anew, always good for the spirit. Take care –

  3. What a touching tribute to your father. He certainly had the sparkle that you obviously inherited. Your work is always an inspiration.

  4. Deepest sympathy to you at the death of your dear Dad . It takes a long time to come to terms with the loss of a loved parent.
    I completely understand you reaching for the knitting it is so meditative rythmic and soothing…..and you get a great garment at the end. Well done .

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your father – I lost mine years ago to cancer but have, like you, inherited his spirit and spontaneity. I was a carer to my father in law with dementia until he eventually went to a care home and can attest to how hard but rewarding it is. He died in January and now my husband is ‘Head of the family’ – a daunting prospect indeed. Knitting is therapy for a stressed mind and your tunic is perfect – surprise stripes and all!

  6. So sorry about your dad. What a guy! Mine has been gone for 30 years and I still miss him – even though we clashed often. Hugs!

    Love your sweater! Knitting is very comforting. Even better than sewing. One. Stitch. After. Another. And hopefully with something to show for it when you’re done.

  7. Wendy, so sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. We were glad to have met him. His youthful outlook, impetuous spirit, and rejection of conventional boundaries made him unique, fun …and ever so challenging for his loving daughter to look after. His best qualities live on in you!

  8. Sorry for your loss. Your Dad sounds like he was a lot of fun. I missed your posts and am looking forward to your spring post. BTW love that sweater so simple. Too bad I don’t knit

  9. Lovely sweater. I’m so sorry about your loss—fathers are special. I miss the little talks I used to have with mine.

  10. I enjoyed and appreciated your poignant comments about your father. Very touching. Thank you.

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