Where’s Wendy?


I’m here, just spending some January time reorganizing! As interests wax and wane, workspaces also need to adjust. I had a very nice wood and metal workshop in the garage, but most of the summer it was stifling hot and in winter it was way too cold. I rarely used the wonderful equipment my husband bought for me, and I really want to work on some jewelry, and some art pieces.


So after much planning, my fabric stash and blog photo area have moved into our oversize second guest room that isn’t often used. Besides, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a room full of fabric? The previous stash/photo room was stripped of carpet exposing the concrete. Then we hired movers to carry my entire wood and metal shop to the basement room.



This workroom storage closet houses extra tools and equipment. Then a built-in cabinet holds all the metal supplies and tools. A mega air filter that we bought a few years ago when we had devastating fires in the mountains will keep the air fresh. I already love going to this room and I’m not finished yet. Some pegboard on the walls will help with the functionality of the room. I also plan to hang some of my wood and metal found objects while they are waiting for a project. I always like some of my inspiration to be out in the open rather than hidden in a closet. I’ll post a finished photo in a few weeks after I completely settle in.


The worktable is two-sided to accommodate a friend. so my BSF and I spent an afternoon in the room testing it out by making some earrings.  We all have favorite earrings that have lost their mates.


I particularly love this one that is made of aluminum so it’s light, but a very bold shape. I was pretty sure I couldn’t match the aluminum texture exactly, and I wanted to make them into post earrings so they would not fall off as readily.


My BSF suggested I take them apart and add a brass piece to each side! Brilliant! She made the same ones from scratch in aluminum and copper. The workroom functioned adequately, but we found a few areas that needed further organization. It’s always good to use a room a bit to refine use and needs, but I’m going to love this space! I’ll post a finished photo in a few weeks after I completely settle in.

Coming up soon: Self drafted pants from a crafty class and a Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber sewn with my Paris velvet and a snow-dyed lining!

Fabric “Store” and Photo Studio Remodel


While other people like to spring clean, I went to school for so many years that I’m still hooked on a late summer back to school schedule. When the notebooks and pencils start showing up in the stores I want to straighten out my drawers, closets and work areas. We rearranged some rooms in our house leaving a small windowless “bedroom” that I could use to store my fabrics, yarn and set up some lighting for photography.

Previously my fabric lived in 3 different areas and I had no idea how much I owned! This stash may be too much to some, but I just love looking at those shelves of delicious fabrics in my favorite colors. Fabric-Storage-2The top left shelf has some lovely African batiks that I inherited, along with my silk and metallic fabrics. Sewing and knitting books also have a space here, and there is room to grow! The next shelf two shelves below the books are woven textiles. The shelf to the right is all knits except for more wool on the bottom shelf, and some leather rolled up on the top.


My yarn stash is not nearly as large, and many of these are leftovers from previous projects. I have a different approach to my knitting than my sewing. As I near the end of a project I usually, I go to ravelry.com and look at patterns that I have favorited (I’m sure this word will be accepted in the dictionary soon.) in the past or research something I want to make, for example a new winter hat. Then I go to my LYS and pick out the yarn.

refashion-stashThe next area in my room is for my refashion stash. These are clothes that I have picked up at resale shops, or items from my closet that I no longer wear, but love the fabric or a detail. The upper left bin is all linen items. The right side box contains cashmere sweaters from my husband, myself and resale shops. Wash and dry them in the machine and they shrink up to a yummy softness. Moth holes virtually disappear, and I can then sew them into a new garment. Lights-and-Backdrop

The photo studio is the last wall in this room. I’m at best a hobbyist at photography, but the new bright lights and pull down backgrounds should help with the post processing that I did previously to make up for low spotty lighting. I haven’t had time to test out the photo area, but I’m currently sewing two new tops that I will photograph for my next blog.