Match it, Match it good!

I finally finished the plaid shirt! I’ve never spent so much time on a project with this inexpensive of a fabric, but I’m glad I did. I posted my hopes and intentions on my last blog. That sure put me on the spot, and I needed to follow through. May not do that again…

IMG_2307To add complication, I decided to make a pattern from my favorite shirt shown on the left. There are two of these are in my closet in different colors. I’ve only drafted a pattern a few times, and never with a complex piece of clothing (darts, pleats, placket, pockets). The drafting went well, but the first muslin was too small. I know it looks great on Roxanne, but she is the size I want to be. LOL


After adjusting the pattern I jumped right in without a second muslin. Frankly, I couldn’t wait to post this, but a few fitting adjustments still need to be done on the final shirt. The changes then need to be documented on the final pattern for next time, and there will be a next time!Plaid-shirt4

Referring back to the last post, most of my stated design goals were accomplished in the shirt. Two related coordinating fabrics are used to break up all that plaid. My new embroidery machine performed flawlessly, and I smile at the unexpected fine embroidery on the casual flannel fabric.Embroidery DetailThe final desire was an interesting back pleat, and on the diagonal. The uneven plaid was tough to match in back, but at least I avoided matching the sides.Plaid-back

However, the sides came out well despite my not even trying. Don’t you love it when things just work out like that? Is this what you expected after reading my first blog?Plaid-back-side

20 thoughts on “Match it, Match it good!

  1. I love everything about your shirt ! I’ve been wanting to add embroidery to my garment sewing and had not seen anything I liked until now. You have inspired me and I can’t wait to see what you are going to do next.

  2. OMGosh … your shirt is gorgeous … i love the facings and the matchie-match of the embroudery … you do wonderful work and have become my inspiration to make a plaid, floral-faced shirt, something i have wanted to do for a long time … thank you so much … it’s lovely …. darlene

  3. Wowser! Your vision is wonderfully finished. And don’t belittle the cost/type of fabric; bet you’ll wear it more than an expensive, i.e., fragile, non-washable fabric.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I am blown away by final design. Thank you for explaining the thought process behind the artistry. Deb

  5. Definitely worth all the trouble – fabulous shirt! I’ve always wondered what one could do with a fancy embroidery machine that wasn’t too over the top. This totally works!

  6. What a lovely shirt. I love the pattern. I thought it would be too fussy for me when I read your previous post, and I’m not a big fan of plaid. But I love what you’ve done.

  7. Beautiful in the back, matches at the sleeve back and sides too! Once again, I’m amazed at your winning color choices and artistry!

  8. I’ve been looking forward to this finished product and its as lovely as I hoped, so sophisticated with the colors/patterns/textures! I’m inspired……


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